Fees and FAQ

DIGITAL DOWNLOADS** are by far the more affordable, quickest, and easiest source for having custom art in your home. The care I take in creating your digital portraits is the exact same care I provide for the “physical” ones. I draw each one on a specialized tablet with a state of the art stylus that responds to over 2,000 levels of pressure.

COMMISSIONS: I accept commissions based upon my schedule, time of year, the size of the proposed piece, the medium ( paint, pen & ink, digital ) and the amount of work already in studio. Occasionally, in special situations my arm can be twisted and I’ll allow a new project in. I hate to disappoint and hate to be disappointed. I rarely turn anyone away.

FEES: Commissions are really based on the literal size of the piece, how many subjects ( people, pets etc… ) and the medium used. With commissions it’s best to have a reasonable amount of communication between artist and client. It protects both you and I – and your investment! First and foremost I want you to be happy with the work. Send an email! mfdewittstudios@gmail.com

FLAT FEES: I use these for smaller black and white pieces and digital downloads. Results in nice individual work for a reasonable price, particularly in the case of digital artwork! The turnaround is quick and some begin at $10.00! (Comic Strip and Editorial Cartoons) I also provide, free of charge, a short video of me drawing your digital portrait, so you know that I and not a free App produced your portrait. I wish more artists provided this.

PERSONAL USE VS. MEDIA USE: ( only on Comic Strip and Editorial Cartoons ) Now to explain a difficult-to-explain topic. I’m selling the use of my artwork. The prices are based on the commercial and non-commercial uses of my artwork by the purchaser.

Private Use: ( non-commercial ) Use as a display of art. No resale of the work or use of the work in something you make to be sold or used in selling or marketing anything.

*MOST IMPORTANTLY* – My portraits are only as good as the quality of the pictures you give me to draw from. Natural lighting is best. Closeups are great.

** A 300dpi file able to be enlarged to 16″x20″ ( better at 11″x14″) will be sent to your provided email address, along with your receipt and invoice for your records and a expressed permission from me for printing ( some printers, online and not, prefer to have permission for reprint from the artist.) It’s a ” Just in case ” measure. I’d hate for you to get somewhere and be unable to take a print home or use my work in your media!

Your Digital Portrait or “BearlyArt” series digital prints:


Simply press the “Buy Now” button or PayPal and follow their instructions. After the purchase you’ll be sent, via the email you provided, a receipt and instructions on sending your photos to me, if you have purchased a portrait. The sooner I receive the photos, the quicker you’ll be enjoying your portrait …or wrapping it for someone else.

24hrs after receiving your photos and the important information you wish to give, you’ll receive the “preliminary sketch ” of your loved one for your approval. After your approval , I’ll email the finished portrait within two to three days. With it you will also receive : 1.) the short video of me drawing your portrait 2.) My expressed written permission for printing the work ( with outside and/or online printers ) and 3.) the 300 dpi files for you to print and enjoy at your leisure. You’ve purchased the “personal use ” rights to the portrait which simply means it’s ALL YOURS, but you cannot sell the rights to or make profits from it. Otherwise, have a party and, again, enjoy!

Whether you’re in need of a special memory, illustrations, a comic strip or editorial cartoons …give us a look.