Waggerman began during my college years when, under the pressure of a speeding deadline, my editor asked:
” Do you do cartoons?”
Having never cartooned before I, of course, said “Yeah. “

This website is essentially a ‘reboot’ for me. A return to what I do best after a long pause. Becoming ill shortly after graduating, work and life were put on hold until a long-term remission was possible …and here we are. You’ll have to pardon the older references and accolades, but I earned them and I’m still that artist – albeit a bit on the sillier side.

Fine Artist :

Numerous curated and juried shows/exhibitions from Chicago to Indianapolis.

Illustrator /Designer:

Four years as illustrator, Graphic Designer of Franklin College’s newspaper The Franklin as well as it’s magazine, the Wellhouse. Numerous journalism awards, including The Society of Professional Journalists and the Indiana Collegiate Press Association. I was the college’s graphic artist and illustrator during these years as well as following graduation where I worked on projects for the Indy 500 magazine and was the portrait artist for the Red Faught memorial – to simply name a very few.

Over 20 years as a freelance artist, illustrator and cartoonist and the last fifteen as a digital artist with clients ranging from Eli Lilly, Franklin College, local government, small businesses and entrepreneurs.


For over three years the comic strip, Waggerman, was produced for The Franklin. For those same three years I was also the editorial cartoonist, winning national recognition.